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Les Fondus du Vin

Rayon : Albums (Humour), Série : Les Fondus du Vin, Les Fondus du Vin de Bourgogne (Version Anglaise)

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Our Wine Buffs won't ever have so deserved their name. For their passion for wine will lead them to Burgundy. A book of nectar!

Napoleon, besides wanting to subjugate Europe, had ...

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... one passion: Chambertin wine. Alexandre Dumas used to declare:'A Montrachet should be drunk on one's knees with a bare head.'In this volume, it's our wine buffs' turn to make unforgettable quotes like 'Mamma mia, Burgundy wine is the bomb!' And rightly so, for they'll be sure to drink some real knock-outs! And in every corner of Burgundy! Methodically and humorously, they'll prove that Burgundy is a heckuva wine, but maybe, above all else a sacred wine.

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 Hervé Richez

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